Friday, September 13, 2002

i felt the light, but where did it go?

what's to say, really?

work has been good so far. easing into my new role and (hopefully) doing a competent job at it. when all is said and done, taking the good with the bad, it's really the one thing that keeps me going here. well, that and the CSHL, but that's a given. Wasn't it Fred Shero that said "life is just a place to spend time between games."? Something to that effect. Well, then, UMass is just a place to kill time between CSHL games. And I mean that.

the first week-and-a-half here was quite possibly the best period of time i'll have all year. having finally grown to understand and appreciate the fact that some people are not only willing but want to sepnd time with me...well, it's something that still amazes me, but something that i'm grateful for. whether in town, at a show, a party, listening to music or just sitting around, i've never been more content and comfortable with myself. and seeing the stones with my dad....well, shit. the stones with my dad. enough said.

in the same turn, the first few days after were overwhelming. i wish i had the balls to get in a car and go. or a plane. or bus. or just fucking walk. we'll see. lack of action doesn't indicate or reflect on internal desire, though. seems to, though, doesn't it?

well, i'm heading out soon to pretend i have social skills. here's what i've been dancing naked to in my way-too-big single:

Pearl Jam - "I Am Mine" (New song. WONDERFUL new song.)
Tom Waits - Mule Variations (Waits is a badass. Great album, top to bottom.)
Sonic Youth - Murray Street (this album is so perfect.... can't get enough.)
Derek Trucks - Joyful Noise (he's good. very good. points for getting solomon burke to sing).

yeah, well, enough of that. later.