Thursday, August 22, 2002

final bend

last pre-school post. get it while it's hot.

one more day of work - 10 more hours of retail before a semester long reprieve.

new pearl jam single and corresponding b-side were announced today, which made me wet my pants like a little girl. "i am mine" was played at bridge school last year. gorgeous tune. "down" is the b-side. no word on that baby yet. way fucking cool, my friends.

i've been fairly downabout things lately, and whether that's just the end of the summer routine or again the cycle in my head, i don't know. physically my stomach has once again been trying to do me in, and words really can't justify how that seemingly insignifcant trouble translates to mental heavitivity (i dig made up words, no apologies). i've got a certain amount of things to look forward to, though i naturally concentrate on that which i stand to lose. i won't carry on about any of that, but just note for myself that the next two weeks go a long way in determining a healthy chunk of the future.

well, then, a brief, random and entirely incomplete numerical breakdown of this summer:

huge fucking rock stars i met: 2 (peter buck and jerry cantrell)

number of guitar picks obtained from said rock stars: 1 (buck)

shows: 6

autographs: four

dvd's purchased: 3 (tennenbaums, the who, neil finn)

albums purchased: 20 + (including singles and whatnot)

number of females i was approached by on newbury street, who subsequently gave me a phone number: 1

number of said females i called: 0

"dates": 1

second "dates": 0

hours worked: ~ 520

beers: 1

miles run: not enough

seven days until it all comes back.