Friday, August 16, 2002


it's hot like that here. magma hot. or, at least, what i imagine magma heat to be like (and trust me, i've imagined long and hard.)

bob's screwed me this week, my final week, which before being translated by matt logic means: they like me and gave me lots of hours. last week. i don't want hours. bob's, go away please.

can't wait for school. i'll have a roomate, so to speak, for the first, oh - 10 days or so - and i can't fucking wait ;) (hmm..remind me to use more imaginative phrases for anticipation next time around..)

hanging with the G-Man, Mare and Tin will be great too. i'm thinking a fairly immediate trip to the L is in order - and lest we forget, a can of sweet, salty peanuts. hmm, peanuts. mare, there are peanuts all over your lap! (sidenote: this is why college is, more or less, a good place to be. i can act like i'm five and people not only understand that compulsion, but appreciate it as well. yeah, me.)

i'm hoping to accomplish something worthwhile this year - what that is, i don't know. my job is satisfying and i know i'll excel there. i have a small group of friends, but the ones that are around me remain the reason i stick things out. the accomplishments i want are...well, uknown. i want to accomplish something and catch myself off guard with it. honestly, i'm not sure, because i'm tired and confusing even myself now, get my point.

it's odd how the end of anything breeds nostalgia whether you like it or not. i generally don't, but it's largely inevitable. like the end of this summer. big fucking deal right? well, as much as it kills me to admit, i do get attached to particular faces and personalities at work - all said and done, they treat me well. i place a profound amount of my gratitude upon ted, meg, parag and the few others i get to see on a regular basis (though parag is a working fool whose schedule just don't jive w/ mine, it's all good) for letting me spend a whole lot of time doing nothing with them and enjoying it. but then there's school on the other side, which is great, though of course just another beginning to an end. i hope. because, really, graduating some time in my twenties was sort of in the Matt Game Plan.

anyways, things will work out for me as the transition slides in, but i'd rather see success for those around me before myself. i'm fortunate enough to know some impossibly talented and driven people, and watching them fly is a daily pleasure for me.

right, well, lest i forget: # at school will be: (413)546-1755. be warned that the ringer on my phone is usually off because, yeah...i'm really fucking weird like that.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

"the years go fast but the days go so slow."

two weeks from today and i'm back at school.

it's inevitable that these last 14 days will drag - the summer till now has been a blur, and now that all i've anticipated has drawn within striking distance, it will crawl.

sonic youth was solid. the new stuff played amazingly well, and it was nice to hear four or so songs from 'daydream nation', perhaps the greatest independent record ever recorded. anyways, meg, ted and i beat the heat and the crowd and took in yet another great show.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

get yr rock n' roll inside

sonic youth tonight.

fourth time seeing them, each has been better than the last. this point in the cycle will be intriguing - last time around, many of the songs from the newly released murray street were in their incubation stage. now, having been fully fleshed out and dirtied up by the road, i can't wait to hear how they sound..especially disconnection notice. get thee to a record store and buy the album.

time is short, therefore: The Top 5 albums/albums I've listened to this week, in no relevant order:

- sonic youth - "murray street"
- muddy waters - everything on the two-disc set i just bought. badass.
- sleater-kinney - "one beat"
- mofro - "blackwater"
- r.e.m. - "reckoning"