Friday, August 09, 2002

here's a fiver

super depression insists that i list. here, then:

Top 5 things that are bothering me as I type in my living room on this Friday afternoon in the universe. 2:02 p.m., EST.

- Moby. Yes, the small, pasty little maestro. Does anyone else agree that, musically, he's just about the dullest performer around? Forget those hollow, blues-inspired chants that riddled the last album (and tv); let's cut to the chase and out on some Muddy Waters, some Robert Johnson...some real soul without the radio polish. I hope a buffalo eats him.

- Mothers that react to a screaming/whining child by screaming/whining even louder themselves. Those of you in retail share my pain. They deserve extraordinarily painful and drawn out deaths.

- Money. I have none.

- School. I had one.

- Jack Osbourne. FIlming scenes for Dawson's Creek? Shame on you, you ugly little bastard. Why aren't the priveleged allowed to fall harder on their well cushioned asses? If not for this damn show, well...I'd just have something else not to like.

More, later. To Boston i go.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Top 5 Songs I listened to today

- "One" - cover by Johnny Cash
- "Pleasure and Pain" - live, Ben Harper
- "Don't Dream it's Over" - Crowded House
- "I am the Ocean" - Neil Young/Pearl Jam
- "Oceans" - Pearl Jam (because it reminds me of her...)

Monday, August 05, 2002

three things that made me sick today

the clash. the clash? robert b. s. kraft

when i got home from work this morning, i saw two (2! two! TWO!) commercials in a row using The Clash - 'London Calling" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go" - as major marketing points. Just another sad, sad continuation of the trend in whoring out what were once genuine emotional and political pieces of art as something sell a fucking car with.

and this whole re-naming of CMGI field, as Gillette Stadium. Eh, whatever. Robert Kraft announcing it? Disgusting. "This morning, as I shaved with my Mach 3, and brushed with my Oral B, etc, etc...a truly global experience, as I drove to Gillette Stadium.."

Shove it, Krafty. They have the rights; stop kissing ass. Sad.

Sunday, August 04, 2002


seriously. what the fuck.

6 hours of sleep since waking up at 7 a.m. on saturday. i think it's, what, monday now? i've worked 18.5 hours, all overnight. last night got a little tiresome - a huge coffee and three vivarin barely kept me going. oh well - one more night.

the girl who sold me my coffee at Dunks last night asked me if i wanted to see a fight. she seemed angry, so i don't think it was a bold invitation to come watch a pay-per-view match with her, but more an invitation to stick around and watch her beat the crap out of the girl she was screaming at. ghetto shit goin' down here in saugus. saw Bri there, though - he's bigger than me (who isn't) and would have had my back had chaos ensued.

lyrics of the day: "I look at her and I see the beauty of the light of music..." Big points to whoever can tell me who wrote that.

well, the one person i really want to talk to isn't around, so i guess i'll go ahead and sit around making tapes all day. nine hours and forty two minutes until my next shift.