Saturday, August 03, 2002

turning a leaf

all this running for nothing. how the hell am i still out of shape?

the next few days won't help. three long, long overnights at bob's. mike g. and i are bound by this thread - he knows the lifestyle all too well. we're warriors....or something. g-man, we should pen a memoir. right, well, to amuse myself over the course of this time, i'm going to try and only drink coffee. no food (maybe a bagel) but i want to see how strung out i can get myself with caffeine and late-night underwear sorting. i will also wear my rock star shoes to help pass the time.

i'd like to say that, after a long day at work, there is NOTHING better than coming home to mail that doesn't involve me writing a check and paying for return postage. tibi - you're the best.

i'd also like to congratulate Tina on the new addition to the family. i have one piece of advice - start spinning the rock tunes in the crib now. it's not too late - you can save this young'un's future. see Tina, you're like Yoda (minus the robe, walking stick and whispy white air...and luckily you're not green). teach well, you must.

i have $850.28 in the bank as of this morning. How much does it suck knowing i have enough to get my ass out of here and to a place i really want to be...and that I can't? Argh. Alot. Goddamn debt.

i urge all of you to go out and buy 'new adventures in hi-fi' by r.e.m. simply one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded.

is it bad being hit on by an older woman in the middle of dunkin donuts because of the stevie ray vaughan shirt i was wearing? it got really creepy. that brings my summer tally up to: a pair of 16-year-old girls at the basketball court; dirty girl at rock club; old lady at donut shop. is Fox interested in following me around with cameras? i could see if i was good looking, or exotic in some way, or rich, or tall, or devilishly funny. none of those apply, though. maybe it's the webbed hands.

i saw goldmember for free. god bless by little brother and his internet-ing skills.

band of the moment - The Minus 5

more, later.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

rock star

holy shit. i hung out with peter buck last night.

i set off for The Paradise with some expectations. After all, the club holds a scant 650 patrons, and though the legendary Buck was playing in three of the evenings four bands (bass in The Minus 5; guitar in Tuatara; bass for Cedell Davis), it was certainly an under the radar show. Which is a damn shame, because they were all great. Anyhow, chances of at least getting a good spot in the crowd were high.

Doors opened at 8, but I stuck around outside, keeping an eye on the tourbus. Talked Pearl Jam with some dude in line. Our patience was rewarded - 8:50, Scott McCaughey walks off the bus. Scott is essentially a semi-official member of r.e.m. these days, having toured with them and recorded on the last few albums. he couldn;t have been nicer - talked music with us, touring, the fun and nightmares of independent labels and the "Wilco Curse." Got my picture taken with him and off he went.

Two minutes later, Buck steps off the bus. "Hey guys, what's going on?" he says. Damn. Rock royalty had just set foot on Comm. Ave.

I got to talk to hom for a few minutes, about the new album and the tour (next summer for sure). Got my picture taken with him and had him sign my copies of "New Adventures in Hi-Fi." "Thanks for coming out, I gotta run inside and get on-stage, I'll catch up with you later."

The Wayward Shamans opened. Very cool mix of 'Afro-Cuban' beats - drummer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season) said he been to Africa and Cuba collecting field recordings and came back to adapt some of them. Not sure how they sound on album, but live they're just a whole lot of fun.

The Minus 5 were killer. Buck played bass comfortably. McCaughey fucking rocked out on guitar - "I am puck rock" he said sarcastically, but the funny thing is, he was. Equal parts Weezer, Wilco and those damn White Stripes that all the kiddies are listening to, they got the place moving big time. McCaughey spent the entire set either in the air or on his knees, wrangling feedback from his old Vox amp.

Tuatara swung in a seedy, jazz-club, spy-theme music sort of way. They were cool, though. Buck put some sweet texture down with his baritone guitar (danelectro, baby blue) and a strat. as before, members from all bands came out to lend a hand. around this time some dirty girl kept trying to buy me a drink but i was far gone into the music and...shit, i had to go talk to peter again.

after tuatara, buck comes out to man the merch table for a bit. there was no way i could resist buying an album from him, so i head over. he recognized me from before. "hey matt." i stammered something out. i bought a minus 5 album and he told me to be patient because he wasn't "good with change." talked for a few more, signed the new album, gave me the pick he had been playing with and jmped back on stage to back cedell, an old delta bluesman who played some devastating blues guitar with a goddamn kitchen knife. cool shit.

got scott to sign the disc as well and barrett to sign the ticket stub.

i met peter buck last night, the guitar player and principle songwriter in my favorite band. holy shit. i can't aplogize fpr sounding like a fanboy, because that's what i am. we all are. 20 years in a legendary band and he didn't have an ounce of holier than thou rockstar bullshit about him. made time for each and every person who approached him. class act.

and then i came home and had a message :)

in related news...

i inventoried my "box of rock" today. here are some selected results:

- Picks: 4 (Peter Buck, Warren Haynes, Buddy Guy and Mike Glabicki of Rusted Root.)
- Harmonicas: 2 (Both courtesy of John Popper).
- Drumsticks: 1 (Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers).
- Setlists: 2 (Derek Trucks Band, autographed by Trucks, and Frogwings (Allman Bros./jamband 'supergroup').
- Autographs: 12+ (Peter Buck(2); Jerry Cantrell; all of Gov't Mule, Derek Trucks; various other dirty, jamband musicians and indie-rocker types).
- Number of bands seen: 48

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

where did you go? i wanna know...

two films to add to the list:

- edward scissorhands
- pi

pi was far better than requiem, although this dude needs to realize his edgy little camera tricks get dull after awhile. but then, who am i to say..?

off to the paradise to see peter buck play tonight with - count 'em - THREE different bands. good for him. pretty fucking excited, needless to say...

not home, no answer...where did she go?

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

movies that i have watched in the past few days

a comprehensive list:

- the house of yes
- wings of desire
- buffalo '66
- dancer in the dark
- escape from alcatraz
- the man who knew too little
- amelie
- requiem for a dream
- zoolander

most impressive female performance in above films: parker posey, 'house of yes' (sorry, bjork..)
most impressive male performance: vincent gallo, "buffalo '66" (he also gets an honorary award for most pretentious, self-created role that still manages to be somehow likeable....or something.)
most thoughtfully constructed: wings of desire (wim wenders is something else. that he can make this, 'buena vista social club" and direct a u2 video is damn cool in my book, for what it's worth.
most underwhelming: requiem for a dream. maybe it's because i could only find the "edited" version...the hype of marlon wayans being a "revelation" was bullshit. did anyone care anything about these characters? (ellen burstyn excluded, though she benefited from some tricky camera work, i think).

and, i'm bored with that. back to my wicked exciting life.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

things i like today

just a nonsense list:

- wings of desire - directed by wim wenders. an amazing look at angels pondering morality over spirituality in berlin. also, an exceptional turn from, of all people, peter falk.

- all the new beck tunes being streamed at his site. particularly "guess i'm doing fine."

- muppets

- my guitar (s)

- calling 'cross country

- my new attempt at a beard