Saturday, July 27, 2002

what this post pre-supposes is....maybe they're not?

i officially want a divorce. from my parents. if they even are my real folks. new developments suggest otherwise.

they finally sat down to watch the royal tenenbaums yesterday. my mom fell asleep. my dad said it was "ok." damn them. damn them to hell now. they have the worst taste in movies ever. i won't even begin to list what might vaguely comprise a top ten list of theirs. so, so frightening.

i rented another two movies because i have no social life. 'amelie' and 'requiem for a dream.' watched the former - it was ok...that actress is something ;) today i'll watch the latter. i'm watching about one movie a day - normally this would be cause for me to keel over with guilt, but i've been writing just as much, so it evens out and i continue on, fairly satisfied.

still no news from school (or should i say, my former school...). fuck 'em.

i worked 51 hours last week; this week, 30. yeah, uneven paychecks.

well, i'm still dazed from spending the larger part of my week sorting and tagging underwear. i need something exciting to happen. anyone want to visit me? anyone?

let me know. i'm always here...

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

dancer in the dark

watched this movie this afternoon. christ. what was it?

do yourself a favor and watch it. it tested my patience...more than tested my patience, and there were parts that rubbed me the wrong way, but in the end, sitting through the whole is worth a few truly magnificent parts. perhaps it sounds cliche to say, but certain moments transcended the film, the obvious seperation of art and audience dissapearing as the emotion reaches out, grabs you and insists that you wake the fuck up. i can't say i was a fan of bjork before seeing this film (or knew anything about her), or even after watching this that she is an actress in the sense we all think of, but at times in this film she was able to do something that was extraordinary. the other actors, ironically, i found fell pretty flat until later on. whatever. if you're patient, see it. if you're not, sit down and see it anyways. it's not often that a film can get in your head quite like this one.

also watched 'say anything' for the first time. aww shit. cameron crowe and john cusack. cusack and crowe. hot damn, good movie. "i have her my heart and she gave me a pen." so true, lloyd. so, so true.

ran five-miles through the hills of breakheart today and took a post-run hike up to Mt. T - set off from distractions of any sort, resting up against the water and a cool breeze, it was almost perfect...

well, shit. seeing as nobody reads this, off i go..

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

i gave her my heart and she gave me a pen