Saturday, July 20, 2002

obvious signs that i'm on the wrong road

another day, another dollar...

the two following entries are from a journal my brother kept kept back in 1997, which would make him eight at the time of the composition. he decided to share with me, and i can't help but spred it further. pretty evident that he got all the talent and i'm a two-bit hack:

-(9/8/1997): "I am a sneaker. I began life being made in a computer, then I was made in China. My first words were "salmon cool." I liked to be a salmon. Then I got shoelaces and wacked them at my enemies and then I sang happy happy joy joy. When I walked I got dirty, but then I met that pesty butterfly. I died. Done, done, done, done, done, done....."

-(9/17/1997): "Freckles can jump
out of your skin
and play in a band, they
play Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy."

those are just brilliant. far better than what i'm capable of, for sure.

another work week done. supposed to call tibi today but i erased the damn number :( that left me with nothing to look forward to, so i went for a long run and anticipated another saturday night in. no updates on the school situation - the latest bullshit is that they haven't recieved the documentation we rushed out there. another day, another step closer to full-time retail world. the stuff of nightmares.

slashed hours this week mean concerts and photo projects in boston.

song of the day:yeah yeah yeah's - "our time"

i'm out.

Friday, July 19, 2002


i like that jack johnson song. i listened to a counting crows album today and found it fairly enjoyable and relevant, lyrically.

any of you with a problem with that...fuck off.


"chaos is the future, and beyond it is freedom."

truer words, courtesy of thurston moore, couldn't possibly be spoken. if chaos is the future, then i'm there; if there's freedom beyond it, i've dreamt it, had glimpses of it, but have yet to have anything convince me it's where i settle someday.

two letters in the mail the other day. one saying i have no financial aid; the other, a bill for an amount i could never afford. it was a mistake i made, and now, if i can't clear this school.

50 hours at work this week, dramatic family reunions and educational jeopardy.

welcome back.

Monday, July 15, 2002

watching the wheels go round and round

bursts of energy need places to go. more, soon.